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Dr O’Dowd is one of the Gold Coast’s most highly respected and sought after obstetricians and gynaecologists with over 30 years experience. He remains at the forefront of women’s health, recently attaining a Masters of Palliative Care so as to improve the quality of life of women and their families facing issues associated with life-threatening illness such as ovarian, cervical or breast cancer.

After nearly 30 years in specialist practice on the Gold Coast, I continue to find that the broad scope of Obstetrics and Gynaecology make it the most rewarding of professions.

I studied Obstetrics and Gynaecology with some of the most eminent clinicians and researchers in the field, in 3 countries; Ireland, England and Australia.

I am fortunate to have been involved in the care of thousands of Gold Coast women, helping infertile couples achieve pregnancy, providing pregnancy care, and I have delivered 1000s of babies.

I have also been involved in the full range of routine and emergency gynaecological care. Obstetric and Gynaecology consultations aren’t always about major problems or the need for special investigations or surgery. Quite often pregnancy antenatal consultations revolve around reassurance that everything is progressing normally. However management of high risk pregnancy is part of my job.

Similarly in gynaecology a consultation may require gentleness, understanding and reassurance; for example, helping patients who have difficulty with pap smears, intercourse or libido.

Dr O'Dowd is a Director with Queensland’s first and most successful IVF group - Queensland Fertility Group (QFG).


Dr Timothy O'Dowd Obstetrics Obstetrics

I have been a Senior Obstetrician at Pindara Hospital for nearly 30 years. My reputation as an Obstetrician has been built around good communication skills, a genuine interest in caring for pregnant women, and constantly striving to minimise the risks associated with pregnancy.

Your pregnancy:
We are living at a time when the safety of childbirth is taken somewhat for granted and the quality of the birth experience for the woman and her partner has become an important issue. However diligence is still required. I see my role as a caring source of knowledge and to help you attain your goals and desires in as much as this is achievable and safe.

Your hospital:
Pindara Hospital has an excellent maternity and neonatal unit. It has dominated private maternity care on the Gold Coast for more than 20 years. There is very good cooperation and teamwork among midwives, obstetricians, and the other vital specialities such as paediatrics and anaesthetics. Pindara continues to maintain the highest safety standards and satisfaction rates for our patients.

Dr Timothy O'Dowd Fertility/InfertilityFertility/Infertility

I am available to discuss all aspects of fertility, even if only to reassure that all is well, to discuss the basics of reproduction, recognition of ovulation and timing of intercourse.

When there is delay in achieving pregnancy, discussion, examination and investigations will determine a cause in 90% of couples. We can then decide on appropriate assistance which may range from advice, to ovulation induction, insemination or IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation).

We can collect sperm or eggs for storage for those couples who require such a service. These procedures may be required as an insurance policy for the future, or where medical or cancer conditions require this precaution.

Our IVF unit is in-house, in Suite 6. Our fertility staff, including nurses, receptionists and scientists, are caring and supportive whilst remaining highly professional. We are part of QFG (Queensland Fertility Group), Queensland’s most successful IVF group. We have access to the best fertility research, management and success rates in the country.

Fertility/Infertility support includes (but is not restricted to): Evaluation and options (for male and female), ovulation induction, insemination, IVF (in vitro fertilization), sperm aspiration, ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), fertility options for same sex couples, fertility options for single women, egg freezing, sperm freezing.

Dr Timothy O'Dowd GynaecologyGynaecology

I understand the delicate and private nature of gynaecological concerns and examinations. All discussions and examinations are carried out in a gentle and sensitive manner.

I am available to perform routine annual gynaecological check-up, pap smear, ovary and uterus ultrasound. I am also available to give second opinions and I will give appropriate time and effort to help you make the best decision.

Common gynaecological problems are regularly dealt with, such as abnormal periods or bleeding, pelvic pain, sexual difficulties, and I have a special interest in menopause management, PCOS (polycyctic ovary syndrome) and endometriosis.

Surgery is required occasionally and you can be assured that I have many years experience in gynaecological operating including keyhole procedures.

Gynaecological support includes (but not restricted to): Menopause, period abnormalities, smear abnormalities, polycystic ovary disease, endometriosis, keyhole surgery, hysterectomy, contraception, mirena, endometrial ablation, vulval disorders.
Dr Timothy O'Dowd Cancer SurvivorsCancer survivors

I recently completed a Masters in Palliative Care (M.Pall.C) through Flinders University in Adelaide. My thesis concerned survivorship after treatment of gynaecological cancer.

It is recognised that many women after cancer treatment have unmet needs and considerable assistance can be made available to them.

Together we will look at attaining the best possible quality of life, through careful discussions, assessments and lifestyle measures.

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